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 It starts with the exhilarating yet horrifying click of the upload button. You send your novel, your baby, up to be approved, and then huzzah! You’re a published author. Now what?

​ It’s a vast lonely cyber world out there and yes your novel may be made of fantastic magical star stuff, but there’s a whole universe out there. The bright shining stars with support teams the size of planets orbiting them seem to penetrate through the dust and star stuff with ease. But you’re an Indie, by definition alone you are independent, determined, and driven. So you persevere and carve out a little nook (pun intended) for yourself in the dark vacuum of cyber space. Slowly your little corner of the world opens up and you finally look around at all the other star stuff. You take in the entire view of it. The hundreds of thousands of like-minded Indies all around you. And then you really see it. The banding together, the formations of nebulae the size of galaxies, and you realize you’re not alone. You yourself are unique and so are they, but together you form something beautiful, something massive, something bright in the darkest reaches of space, and something that is HERE for all the world to see.
​ That’s how I felt when I found #indiebooksbeseen. Instantly I was among friends sharing ideas, support, and knowledge all for the love of writing and joyfully wanting to share the characters and worlds we create. It was, and is incredible! So you see it’s true, indiebooksbeseen is more than just a hashtag, we are a movement, and we are family all composed of beautiful magical star stuff.

​​It's not just a hashtag; it's a movement.

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