Author Bio:​​     Have you ever watched a cat stare up at a wall, tracking something’s movements-- something invisible that sent shivers down your spine? Did it seem as if your pet were able to sense dark shadows lurking where the veil between worlds and reality thins? That’s precisely where the idea for the Netherwalker Series came from for CK Dawn.

USA Today bestselling author, coffee loving gamer girl, and Sci-fi enthusiast, CK Dawn has always loved to snuggle up with her cat Hagrid (the shadow-seer) and read. With a nudge of encouragement from her lil’ sis, she found writing fantasy stories was even better than just reading about them. So, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away CK let her unique tale of knights and Camelot dancing in her mind take form and fly with Cloak of Shadows, her Readers' Favorite award winning debut novel. In writing, CK has truly found her bliss and now writes her enticing, mystical fantasies in the witching hours with Hagrid by her side.

​as though I’d been transported into outer space. And then the sensation became almost reality as the screen came to life. Spaceships and stars encompassed my vision, surrounded me, and welcomed me. The images and sounds spoke to the imagination within me, the dreamer in me, and I was awoken!

That’s one of my first and favorite memories with my dad. Hi. I’m CK Dawn, I’m a Star Wars-aholic, and proud of it. You may have heard of my young adult fantasy Netherwalker Series and the award winning book one, Cloak of Shadows, but if you haven’t, welcome. I’m glad you’re here! I felt compelled to share my childhood memory because my hope, as a writer, is to be able to impact young ones and young at hearts with the world I’ve created the way Star Wars did for me. To enter a magical world where real life melts away and leaves you with courage, confidence, and the knowledge that anything is possible.

Cloak of Shadows follows two strong heroines, descendants of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, as they fight evil creatures lurking in the shadows here on earth. Hunters in the King’s Court, Lourdes Reese and Abigail Thorne banish Netherwalkers as most dociles sleep in their beds. Humans never knowing the dangers the Court has fought against for over a thousand years; an evil that devours human life essence as their masters rest and lie in wait, sated and nourished back in the Netherworld. The King’s Court, a secret society loyal to the fallen King Arthur fight to save us every day, but things are about to be turned upside down. I’m diligently working on book two, Cloak of Secrets, and it promises to be more intense, revealing things not even known to the highest of Court members. Oh, and dragons! My modern day knights are as sexy and brooding as any scoundrel, the hunters are as fierce as Jedi, and the Netherwalkers are liken to the most evil of empires. Welcome to my world.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… in a small town in central Texas to be precise, a young girl’s world expanded into infinite possibilities as two giant words popped onto the movie screen and changed her life forever. Star Wars!

The first thing I remember about that day was the intense heat and the unending line of bodies. Pounding and relentless, the heat and the sun scorched my father and I as we waited in that line that, to a child, seemed would never end. We waited, along with hundreds of others around the side of the movie theatre’s blank two story wall. Dull dry paint chipped off the brick from years of sun exposure and parched brittle weeds clung to life between the cracks in the sidewalk. I wondered what could possibly be so magnificent that so many people would choose to suffer together in such a pressure cooker of misery. Entering the dark theatre from the blinding sun was jarring and disorienting. I sat down still blinded by the sun, but refreshed by the building’s cool air,

Stay tuned, because there will be a lot more to come in the Netherwalker Series. Seriously, the story has only just begun. CK loves connecting with readers and hopes to hear from you soon.