​Reese's Peaces,  Abbey's Antics, & an occasional  TempleTantrum

Lourdie:    "No comment."

Abbey:       "Ugh! Lourdie."

​Lourdie:     "I'm keeping the peace!.... For now."

Reece's Peaces

Abbey's Antics

Lourdie:    (​Sat in her favorite chair next to the fireplace in the Vaughn's reception area reading intently and sipping her caramel macchiato.)

Abbey:       (Poked her head around the corner trying to read Lourdie's magazine) "Hi Lourdie! Watchya reading?"

Lourdie:    "Nothing in particular. What are you doing?" (She quickly flipped the page.)

Abbey:      "OMG is that People Magazine's Sexiest Man issue with Chris Hunkiesworth, Temple's twin?" (She grabbed the magazine and took a seat across from Lourdie.)

Lourdie:    (Rolled her eyes.) "They are not twins."

Abbey:      "Ha! A little bit darker hair, couple of tats, some sexy scruffiness, and always brooding, he'd totally be Temple's dobbleginger!"

Lourdie:    "You mean doppleganger."

Abbey:       "See you agree!"  (She leaned back with a huge triumphant grin on her face.)      

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Abbey's Antics

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Temple Tantrums

    ​ Netherwalker Covers & Artwork by  Holt Graphic Design

Temple:   (Raised his eyebrow and cleared his throat) "Temple tantrum? Hmm,                  

                  Ms. Dawn? Not on occasion, nor ever. Your appraisal is simply absurd. However,

                  even at my expense your play on words is quite amusing. I can also appreciate                         the platform you've provided here. So, in return, I will simply share a quote I        

                  admire instead." 

               Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

                 "Uplifting and quite apropos for a hunter don't you think Ms. Dawn? Now, if    

                  you'll excuse me. It's not like I have an entire castle to run or anything."

Abbey:     "Swoon."

Lourdie:  "Abbey, stop."

Abbey:     "What? I can't help it! And, if it's not true why are you laughing? Even his      

                  tantrums are hot. We don't call him Mr. Hunkie for nothing!"

Lourdie:   (Silence)

Hey there, fellow guardians

     ​This is hunter Abbey Thorne of the New York Court speaking-- err, I mean typing. But, whatever. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Holt for these fab sketches she drew of me and my new do. She totes nailed the dress I wore to the Brenin Dathlu, too! And, can I just say Yay for killer kicks!...I'm soo over being short BTW. =(

​       Anyway, I can't chat long. I'm going on hunting patrol tonight with Lourdie and I want to go clock some time in the virtual chamber before I fight the real big baddies. So, later dudes.

Oh! And Welcome to The King's Court!


Peace out my peeps, Thorne

Abbey:     "Ha ha. Peace! Like the Reese's peaces Lourdie's going to write. Now I get it.                                  Huh...I wonder if she'll write about Temple?"

Lourdie:   "I heard that."

Abbey:      "Flux!"

Lourdie:   "Abigail Thorne!"

Abbey:      "Uh, I gotta go."