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Temple Tantrums

So I'm honestly supposed to participate in these shenanigans of yours then, ladies? And with the title of tantrum no less? Very well, but only for my fans. Alas as a knight and hunter MY duties are never done as well, Ms. Reese. I shall return. -Logan Templeton

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Abbey's Antics

Reece's Peaces

Sorry, a hunter's duties are never done. My blog is in the works. Promise. Peace. -Lourdie

CK's Shenanigans

Um hey, guys? Hello? Oh here you are. Don't forget I need you to come back and do your hunter kickasserie in the book series too. You're all my muses and I can't write without you. Gosh I hope Temple's not mad about the whole tantrum thing...Abbey totally made me do it. -CK

LOL. Peaces not Pieces. Ha, I see what you did there. Clever, Lourdie! :P

Hey Dudes! Yeah sorry, my blog is totally under construction too. How are you liking CK's revamped website though? Nice huh?!

-Abbey AKA the pint sized powerhouse