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For more information about the legend of Jan Tregeagle click here.

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The Legend of Jan Tregeagle and Loe Bar

     The 17th century legend is 

that in his lifetime Jan Tregeagle

was an evil man. Some say the

depths of his cruel deeds ranged

from killing his wife to making

a pact with the devil. As

pennance in his afterlife he was

tasked with the futile

responsibility of emptying all

the sand from the beach near

Berepper. One day demons that

seemed to always be watching, tripped Tregeagle tearing his huge bundle of sand thus creating Loe Bar, the damn that now divides the freshwater of Loe Pool from the ocean.

​      Other legends claimthat Loe Pool is where Sir Bedivere cast King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, after

the deadly battle with Mordred.

     The fantastic stories, mysteries,

and legends surrounding the area 

of Porthleven are what inspired

me to use the location to create the

fictitious modern day Castle 

Clogyn in my Netherwalker Series. 

Cadbury Castle

"I wish Bernie would shepherd me so I could answer the gloaming's call."  ~Chiara E.

Legends in the area link the

unusual mound known as 

Cadbury Castle to the elusive 

Camelot dating all the way back to the 1500's.

For more information about this mysterious hill fort that will become more prevalent in book two, Cloak of Secrets, click here.

"I was completely drawn in and couldn't wait to see what would happen next."  ~Author Miranda Shanklin

The Gloaming is Here - The Netherwalker Series - YA Urban Fantasy

"Absolutely fun read, I really enjoyed the spin on the legend and how the author pulled the story into a contemporary setting (references to World of Warcraft!)​​"  ~Author​ J.L. Wilson

"Wonderful characters spring from the pages of this very well written book."  ~C. Carey

"This book just wowed me." ~Book Nook Nuts ​​ *Amazon top reviewer*

"Well done CK! Now hurry your blarney up and finish book two, I need more Mr. Hunky!" ~Candice B.

"CK Dawn does an amazing job pulling you into a world with great descriptions, story line and character development."  ~Books For Fun

                                   "I want to return to this world for more adventure!" ~George J.